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How will the future of photovoltaic poverty alleviation be d

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We explored four forms, namely, household system, centralized power station, village power station and photovoltaic greenhouse. In practice, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of different construction models. For the household system, the roof of many poor households is relatively simple and inadequate, and there are security problems; moreover, the household system is more dispersed and more difficult to maintain. Suitable for centralized power plants in the land resources bounteous area construction, but the problem of the power grid is weak, the lack of absorptive capacity are often found in these areas. The most fundamental problem is the distribution of income. Centralized power plants are generally joint venture between enterprises and governments, and most of the proceeds go to enterprises, and the proportion of poor households is relatively low. Based on the above considerations, we have decided to take the village level power station as the main form of photovoltaic poverty alleviation.
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