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    Kunshan Wu Zhengxin Energy Limited: +8615951104400 Tel is R & D, mainly engaged in a silicon material recycling, classification and sales of integrated services, long-term in the best way, the most reasonable price to the professional solar wafer recycling, recycling all kinds of semiconductor wafers, IC wafers recycling, solar cell recovery, recovery of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon wafer recycling, battery recycling recycling diffusion sheet, polishing, lithography film color film recycling, recycling, recovery and recycling, blue film, silicon wafer polysilicon silicon recycling, recycling, recycling of circular rods square rod, recycling, recovery of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon ingot for recycling, recycling of primary polycrystalline silicon block, single side skin recovery, recovery, polycrystalline side skin recovery, the top side of the leather / silicon head materials recycling, recycling, bottom material recycling, casting polycrystalline Recovery, silicon, import / domestic primary silicon solar battery recycling, recycling (whole pieces) single crystal cell recovery, recovery of polycrystalline cell (125*125 156*156) high / low amounts of solar battery recycling, edge collapse / lack of recovery angle of solar cells, solar silver recovery, rub silver cloth recycling, silver paste cans for recycling, recycling of waste silver cloth, silver recovery, solar panels recycling, recycling photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic welding with various silicon material recycling, recycling, recycling silicon, battery recycling, battery recycling broken single crystal, polycrystalline broken battery recycling, battery recycling diffusion, broken chip recycling, waste silicon recovery, recovery of solar cell debris, broken cell recovery, recovery of all silicon wafer pieces.
About the price: control market prices, to give a reasonable assessment, we have advanced testing instruments and refining equipment, no intermediate links high price. In line with the principle of honesty, impartiality, reciprocity and mutual benefit! In the long-term business has won the trust of many customers, established a solid cooperative relationship, and in the industry won a good reputation. The region is not limited, the size is not limited, price guarantee, abide by the promise, we can appoint professionals to come directly to see the goods, pricing, acquisitions, cash payments, transactions faster, re paid intermediary! Welcome to the business units and personal contact, negotiation and cooperation!
[note] the price of silicon material market is changing every day. I would like to know more about the latest silicon material price and the price of silicon wafer. Please call me!
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